Abbot + Main

Men's Graphics


I first met Danny Guez in 2009, when he needed some Graphics designed for his line Dylan George. Danny is one of those guys that makes tough decisions with ease, sticks to his guns and calls it as he sees it. He is also very charismatic, and can lose his shit at the drop of a hat. Suffice to say, he is an interesting guy, with an interesting story. His lineage is intertwined with the explosion of Los Angeles denim. He formed William Rast with Justin Timberlake, and has had his hands in many notable brands over the years. He operates smoothly and efficiently, and if you can hold his attention for more than 5 minutes flat, you probably have something very interesting to say.

Danny & I got on instantly, and he gave me our first project together which was some T-shirts to design for Dylan George. After that, we worked on some invites for his upcoming show at Project in Las Vegas. While all this was happening, Danny had already formed the bones of what would become Abbot + Main. He had partnered with Kellan Lutz, who at that time was gaining notoriety through his role on the Twilight series. It was on Abbot + Main that Danny and I would collaborate a lot more on over the next few years.


We spent a great deal of time and energy building out the Men’s graphic T program. Nordstrom had a lot of success with the women’s artwork we had done, and everyone loved the super-soft fleece and knit fabrics that Danny was using. They wanted Men’s artwork so we went to work, building season after season of Men’s graphics. The line was small and tight, focussed on using great fabrics with artwork designed to mirror the laid back Venice Beach vibe that was at the heart of the brand.