Briana Rene

Contemporary clothing store - Fashion Island, Newport Beach

Warren Ellison

Briana Rene is the brand created by my talented wife, Briana. It’s her baby, and she started it with just a few simple pieces that we collected on our honeymoon. When we arrived home back to Laguna, she began her journey with the launch of her jewelry line “Briana Rene”. This blossomed into a store at The OC Mix at SOCO in Orange County, California. After a few years, wanting to bring her style to a larger audience she decided to move the store to Fashion Island in Newport Beach. She did an amazing job and became known for this beautiful store that she poured her heart and soul into. Her devoted fan base would agree! Throughout all of her journey, I designed the logo, branding, ads, flyers and all the other visual assets that she needed.

Warren Ellison


Although the branding was developed in various stages, we always tried to keep the look clean and contemporary, emphasizing the hand-crafted logo type with the use of space and minimalist linework.



Briana is a big fan of Instagram, and loved making working together on unique little flyers for her events. They were often themed to the event, as you can see from the diverse range of designs below.



For the grand opening Briana chose to highlight Whitney Eve which was one of the edgier, upcoming brands that she carried. Designer Whitney Port, known for her role in “The Hills” and “The City” was a big part of the party, promoting the line and talking to people about the new collection.




Here is a short video that Briana made for her new project Briana Rene Bridal. There are some great shots of the store in there, as well as some background on Briana and her motivation behind her new passion.