Corepower Yoga

Private Label Apparel Program


The first thing that we had to do was to build out an idea of what this line could look like. We had to try and capture the essence of the brand, as well as take it a step further to build a fun and cohesive line that felt like it was part of a collection. Not only that, but we felt it was necessary to show growth over time, what it could start our as, and what it could grow into and become. We created a presentation that took months to build, but that we felt struck the right chord with them.

In the end, they agreed, and although it took a little time, we delivered them some great product, much of which started out in this initial presentation.



Below are some of the spreads that were included in the initial deck.



After we figured out the details and logistics of how it was all going to work, we began building out trim packages and sampling the concepts that we all felt were the strongest for the first Corepower line. Below are some snapshots (Many of them borrowed from Corepower’s instagram) of approved designs that were sold inside their studios across the US.