Hang Tags, Trims & T-shirt Artwork for

Original Jams

Heritage 1960's Surf Brand


Original Jams is one of the original surf brands, beginning in the 1960’s with one of the first pair of surf trunks ever created. The brand was founded by a Santa Monica-born soul surfer in 1964 who had moved to Hawaii to chase waves. He was living in Hawaii, and was out surfing in brightly colored pajamas that his wife had cut off at the knee; All the other surfers who saw the shorts wanted a pair, and that was the beginning of Original Jams. 



First up on the agenda was establishing the style that we were going for. The brand is rooted in the 60’s, and we wanted to capture the feel of that time. In fact, we wanted to wind back the clock even further, and capture the feeling of vintage at that time. Which meant 40’s and 50’s. Together with their creative team, we looked at older influences, such as WW2 rucksacks. During the war, soldiers would be at sea for long periods of time and they would doodle and draw on their bags all kinds of markings reminiscent of their home, family, loved ones etc. We took this and infused this look with 1960’s Hawaii and this became the basis of the graphic look for this season.



Some T-shirts we designed for Original Jams with the 1960’s Hawaii and 1940’s and 50’s soldier stories.



In conjunction with developing the look of the T-shirts we were also charged with developing the Hang Tags, trims and labels for the line. We needed to make sure that they spoke to the heritage of the line, so we worked with the team on coming up with a trim story using the original logos and the signature original boardshort prints that the company was founded upon. We needed to also give a brief history of the brand to explain to the consumer how steeped in authentic surf history this brand actually was.


Below are the final hang tags that were chosen by the brand for this collection. We developed large and small versions of these, and all the corresponding trims to tie the line together.



As we honed in on what we wanted, we tried many iterations of different logo ideas. While they were not perfect for the brand, there was some cool art, which we thought we would post here for you to see the process and how things evolved.



Here are some trims for your viewing pleasure from our initial trim proposal.