Logo, Branding & Poster Art for

The Ripple Effect

with Hamblin Imagery x Red Bull Media


The Ripple Effect is a series of short films by Red Bull and Hamblin Imagery. The concept is that within each golden era of surfing, be it the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s there were visionaries who made such an impact on the sport, that it literally rippled through time, effectively changing it forever.

I Love Surfing.. Surfing is Freedom, Surfing is IndividualPAUL WITZIG

When our good friend and award-winning filmmaker Peter Hamblin talked to us about developing the branding as well as artwork that would correlate with these era’s we could not have been more excited.

We started with the development of the type, which we then evolved into the linework art / logo lockup, which then became the animated intro to the series.




The first installment of the series was focused around The Witzig Brothers. Two young Aussies that were chronicling the explosive nature of what was going on in the Australian surf scene during the 1960’s. They were doing so in a way that captured the spirit of surfing in Australia at that time, and so they became the focus of The Ripple Effect, Vol. 1

Check out the trailer above  – You will see the logo with the linework that we placed it with, as well as posters that we designed, and you can view some of them in more detail below. Go online to RedBull.com to view the rest of the films.