Advertising & Branding for Speciality Mall

Union Market

at The District, Tustin & The Kaleidoscope Mall, Mission Viejo, CA


Our first mission for the Union Market was to develop branding and logo concepts. We came up with 3 logoforms, of which the circular “stamp” logo and the wider typographic form logo became the presiding logos that they moved forward with. Check out the logo forms on the following image.

There are also more examples of these logos used in the ads and online posts below. For those we are mostly trying to brand the stamp logo and so are leaning more on this version for the time being as the primary logo form.


This was the first ad campaign that we developed for the Union Market.



Websites for both & were designed to mirror the look and feel of the ad campaigns.



Since our involvement in the branding and marketing of the Union Market, many other tenants have also reached out to us for help with their branding. Take a look at a few of the logos we have created below.