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Rebuilding the
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Online Experience

When Power Crunch first came to us, they were in the very early stages of a rebrand, which as you might guess, is not the ideal time to start a website redesign. Although that may make others shy away, the synergy with Power Crunch’s team was incredible right from the word go, and we were excited to get going!


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Problems with the Current Site

The old site had been built before responsive design had found its groove. It had been patched to be viewable on mobile phones and tablets, and the experience was clunky at best. The site was essentially 2 sites smushed together, trying their hardest to look like one site. WordPress ran the info pages, while Magento powered the e-commerce store. The navigation would change ever so slightly when you toggled between the two, and there was a lot of duplicate content with slight differences and conflicting messaging.

With all that, the biggest issue was not a functional one. Rather it was the fact that Power Crunch is a FUN brand, with deliciously vibrant flavors, happy employees and devoted fans across the country, and the website just did not feel like it reflected the brand, nor its culture. It was not doing the brand justice.

We set out to change that

Adding Flavor to the Website

One thing we realized quite quickly, was that Power Crunch has amazing products!

We wanted to find a new way to communicate the flavor profiles, and we came up with a system for representing each product: We comped together approximately 10 images into a single luscious image with ingredient bursts surrounding the bars. We built these from our photo shoots, renders, and photography that we pulled from our library. We split the image into 3 layers and animated them on the site to create a “flavor burst” effect.

Branding in Concert with Web Design

As we worked through the full website design for Power Crunch, many of the stylistic decisions we made actually ended up informing the rebrand, rather than the other way round. Many typography elements, color cues, and other look and feel components made it into the final Power Crunch rebrand. While our intention for Power Crunch was to build an experiential & modern website, we feel honored that our design work had the happy side effect of adding to their rebranding efforts.

Blending Fun with

When we sit back and reflect on what we set out to do with the website, our goal right from the start was to build a fun and modern website that was bright, colorful and highly engaging. The majority of engagement would be on Mobile devices, and so Power Crunch came to us wanting to make sure that we built the site with a mobile-first philosophy. This was just one of the many decisions that we were 100% aligned with them on. We worked on this project together with them, and it was a team effort every step of the way.
Looking at how everything turned out, we feel that we accomplished what we set out to: to blend FUN with function, and showcase the brand’s personality.

Power Crunch have been incredible to work with, every step of the way. As we embark on phase 2 of the website, we are excited to see just how far we can take the design!

You went way above and beyond – and we so appreciate your patience, your professionalism, your creativity, problem-solving… and just being so cool and calm throughout it all. I look forward to working with you more,

You all ROCK!!!

Jessica Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer