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Power Crunch

Power Crunch approached us to develop a brand new website for 2018. They wanted something that was highly engaging, with a strong emphasis on the mobile experience.

Every detail was crafted with one goal in mind: to make the website fun for the fans of the brand! We created a new way of showcasing their products, and brought it to life with a custom-built interactive product slider.

It all added up to a very different feel for Power Crunch online; One that they have embraced and that has permeated into many other areas of their branding and visuals.

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Laguna Art Museum

For those of you unfamiliar with the Museum and its legacy, it is truly one of the landmark institutions in Orange County. The town of Laguna Beach is known for being an artist colony, founded by artists, and it is those very same artists who began to formalize themselves 100 years ago into what eventually became the Laguna Art Museum.

Being selected for their website redesign was truly an honor!

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Union Market

Union Market is a curated mall concept which brings together boutique retailers & unique food concepts under one roof to create a vibrant happening space for you to eat, shop or relax with friends.

We have been working with them closely on their branding since day one to help them define their identity, promote their space, and recruit incredible and unique retailers and restaurateurs for their concept.

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Proto Homes

As Proto Homes re-imagined who they were as a company, we were charged with the translation of their new business model into their website. Having already rebuilt their site for them a year before, it was a large pivot both in terms of positioning and strategy.

The current site was successful, generating a large number of unique leads p/month. It was up to us to not lose this momentum while creating something new that would propel Proto Homes into the next phase of their evolution.

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