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Designed to Be Discovered

Attain Premier Positioning Online.
Leverage Your Digital Presence.
Attract the Clients You Want.

This program is made specifically for creative service providers that sell high ticket. 

If that’s you, read on!

What is it?

An 8-week program where we design and build you a premier presence online, and then teach you how to leverage it by focusing on the few key tasks that will help you land the clients you’re looking for.

We’ll work with you to define your positioning and hone your messaging to attract the clients that you actually want to do business with.

Then we’ll build you a best-in-class website that highlights your new positioning and defines you as the choice, rather than a choice. 

We then layer in best practice SEO, help you get more reviews, and populate your site with content that supports your positioning andhighlights the keywords you need to rank on Google. 

This all come bundled with simple training that will teach you how to continue to market yourself online and bring new business in the door right away.

Who is it for?

This is for creative-first service providers, working in industries where it’s hard to stand out because the market is so crowded. Industries that typically rely on portfolios for differentiation and referrals for new business are ideal: Architects, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Illustrators to name a few.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the forms, and make yourself available for one-on-one calls. We’ll let you know what we need and when we need it. You just need to follow along and provide thoughtful feedback along the way. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out. We’ll write your copy, design and build your website, and set everything up for you. We’ll also provide you with lifetime access to our training to help you market and sell your services without spinning your wheels and worrying about doing a million different things. 

I just want a website – Do I really need all this extra stuff?

No matter how awesome or beautiful it is, a website just isn’t enough anymore. Whether or not you choose to make use of our training, or feel you don’t need the custom blog content we’ll write for you, we believe that not including marketing in our training is akin to selling you a car with an empty gas tank. It looks great on the lot, but the minute you try and drive it off.. You don’t get anywhere. You absolutely need the full toolkit if you want to be successful online.

How soon before I land new clients?

Your new website with your refined positioning is usually finished within the first 8 weeks of your program. You can use the sales training to get clients within 3-30 days following that. You will usually see organic results and more inbound leads within 3-6 months, providing you continue with the 8 hours of monthly marketing taught in the program. 

What if I get stuck?

You can reach out to us for any issues are questions you have. The program includes 6 months of support from the day you sign up 🙂

How it all fits together

To truly excel online, a website just isn’t enough. You need to create an authoritative experience for your prospective clients if you want to command high price points and showcase that you’re the best at what you do.

Follow the Plan

We’ve been helping brands from Fortune 500s to local businesses with strategy, creative, websites and marketing for decades. Just follow our lead, and show up when you need to. We’ll make sure everything flows for you.

We’ll Do The Hard Stuff

This program includes a lot of “Done-For-You” services. We’ll write your positioning statement. We’ll design & launch your website. Craft your copy & your blog content. Handle your SEO. All the stuff that requires experience, technical know-how and high-end creative you can leave up to us.

We’ll Teach You The Easy Stuff

No matter where your knowledge or skills lie when it comes to technology, copywriting, design, websites, marketing or sales we’ll teach you in simple terms exactly what you can do to move the needle in your business. 

Help When you Need It

We all get stuck, and getting unstuck quickly can mean the difference between giving up and forging on. You’re just an email away from getting help – this program includes 6 months of support and help.

Why Did You Make This?

The reason we’re so excited is because we believe there is a giant gaping hole in the market for this service. 

We have been hired countless times to build our clients best-in-class websites, after which we usually move into the second phase which is to help them market themselves online. But really these things go hand in hand and should not be separated from one another.

What we have noticed is that no matter whether it is an agency, a freelancer or an-house team, working on it, the design of a new website is in nearly all cases fundamentally disconnected from the marketing of the business, which is also disconnected from sales. This approach is the default way of doing things, and something that occurs in virtually all industries, with the exception of E-Commerce.

The reason for this is that a website project is usually such a large undertaking, that trying to attach a marketing or sales component to it is reserved for after the launch, as it is just too much for most businesses to bite off at the same time.

The Death of the “WTF Conversation”

The way it usually works, is that you build the best, prettiest, most functional website you can afford. And then when it’s finished you high five each other, and wait for the leads to come pouring in. Inevitably – they don’t – and you turn to your website designer / team / agency etc, and that’s when it’s time to have the “WTF conversation”. 

The “WTF conversation” is the one where everyone realizes that just because you built something awesome, it does not mean that anyone will find it. 

That’s when you realize that your investment in time and money isn’t going to bring you any business.

If you just build it, they will not come.

This isn’t Woodstock.

And this isn’t 1969.

If you want traffic, you either need to pay Google, pay Facebook, or pay your marketing team. 

Either way, someone needs to get paid, and it isn’t you.


The WTF conversation is a natural part of web design life, and one that good and honest web designers will usually be able to avoid because they will have the hard conversation before they actually take your money. 

If they don’t have that conversation with you, it’s usually because they’re scared that if they do, it will paralyze you with fear and you won’t hire them. For many designers, they take the approach of “well you buy the house from me but you get the furniture from another guy”. Now that would be fair – except that this isn’t a house, and the “other marketing stuff” you need just isn’t apparent to most people. Even highly sophisticated and tech-savvy clients miss this critical piece of information.

What we have noticed is that even though we have the pre-emptive conversation with everyone we build a website for, most folks are so excited to build the website that they decide to worry about it later. And when the cold light of day settles in, that’s when the they have the WTF conversation internally with themselves, or with their colleagues, their spouse, or any unfortunate soul who happens to be behind them in the grocery store checkout.

This inevitably sucks for everyone involved.

There really should be a better way.

Why We Finally Built a Solution

It all came down to the “What Ifs”. 

What if we built a more standardized solution based on what people actually need in order to be successful online?

What if it contained all of our learnings and all the tried and true strategies that we employ for our clients daily?

What if we put all it all together into the first comprehensive online program that bundled premier positioning, web design, marketing, SEO and sales? 

And what if we did that while focusing on very specific types of businesses that we KNEW we could get results for? 

We knew that if we could pull that off, and have it not cost a small fortune, we would have something very special. 

It has not been easy to build it. 


The feeling of moving from selling something beautiful to selling something absolutely transformational is 100% worth it.

So, If you’d like to learn more, give us a shout today. 

But before you do, we ask that you keep 3 things in mind.

  1. This program currently only available to creative service businesses that sell high ticket services.
  2. We’ve worked really hard to make this program affordable for most businesses. With that said, we do not sell cheap services, and this is no exception. If you’re looking for cheap, we’re not it. If you look at our FAQs, you’ll see our typical pricing. We’ve managed to get this program to less than half of what we usually charge for a typical web design project (kudos to our awesome team for making that happen) but again, this is not for everyone.
  3. We only work with one client in any given zip code. So if you’re an architect in the 92651 zip code, and we’ve already worked with an architect in your zip, we won’t be able to help you.

If you’re good with all of that, we’d love to hear from you and see if Designed to Be Discovered is a good fit for your business!

Thanks for reading! 🤘🏻