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Winner of The 2019 SMPS Award for Best Website

We’re proud to announce that our client Albert A. Webb Associates, a California engineering firm founded in 1945, took home this year’s 2019 SMPS Marketing Communications Award in Los Angeles CA for Best Website for the work we did on their new site launch.

This award came as a surprise to us, as we are not in the habit of entering awards! It’s not that we think they’re a bad idea – we’re just so busy serving our clients that it’s never really something that is front of mind.

Nonetheless, it was an honor to receive the award at this year’s 36th annual SMPS awards in LA.

Click here to view the live website

Crafting the New Albert A. Webb Associates Website

When the team at Albert A. Webb Associates first came to us, they had an outdated website that had barely been touched in over a decade. The website was in desperate need of a revamp, and while the logo did not necessarily need a major update, the branding certainly did. 

In going through our Discovery with the team at AA Webb, one of the areas the company wanted to focus on was recruitment; They were looking for the best of the best, and neither the culture of the company nor its rich heritage was easily visible to outsiders. 

Other large firms were doing a great job of showcasing their culture, heritage and personality and were securing the top talent in the industry. The Webb team had taken notice and felt that they needed to level up their communications in order to secure the best hires.

The facelift, therefore, needed to showcase that this was a company with deep roots, made up of like-minded vibrant people with strong expertise across various AEC disciplines. 

The Balancing Act: Timeless vs Modern

We knew that we needed to balance the classic feel of the brand, and so we chose a timeless look that highlighted their historic branding colors, but with a much cleaner look than they had prior. We were also extremely careful that our color choices hit the right notes. 

Once we had that dialed in, we layered in various interactivity, subtle animations & modern detailing. All of this was done in an effort to highlight that while Albert A. Webb & Associates may have been around for nearly 90 years, they are truly a company that emphasizes innovation, and is always looking to what’s next and redefine what’s possible.

Albert A Webb Associates Website Design

The Final Outcome

We worked very closely with Albert A Webb Associates’s extraordinary marketing team, lead by Todd Carpenter, and we all worked hard to ensure that everything was executed flawlessly. It was also critical that we steered the company’s rebrand towards the goals that they outlined for us at the start of the project.

We’re happy to report that the good people at Webb were extremely pleased with the final outcome!