Harvest’s goal is to reconnect people with nature, to encourage people to cultivate their inner athlete and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Using primarily organic and sustainable fabrics, Harvest produces environmentally friendly clothing, minimizing their footprint on Mother Nature, while producing garments of the highest quality and style.

Harvest is also focussed on raising awareness about environmental issues particularly those centered around protecting our oceans and waterways. This is done in a number of different ways: Harvest has partnered with American Forests, and developed a program so that for every piece of clothing sold, a tree is planted. In addition to this, 1% of total sales is donated to environmental causes. 



Harvest is a brand started by our good friend Jason Moriarty. Jason, began the line with a vision of building a technically functional line using recycled and organically grown fabrics with an idea of giving back to the environment. We helped Jason get the line started, building out some of the initial Men’s designs like boardshorts and T-shirts. With its conscious brand message & athletic appeal, the Harvest mens line was well-received by roots surf shops and then yoga studios.
Once these studios started requesting women’s apparel, we partnered with Harvest to build out the line so that it might one day reach its full potential. The first line of activewear was released in Spring 2014, and it was well received, selling out in many stores & yoga studios.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved is being able to give back through our work. It was a great feeling to know that last year we had a hand in helping plant thousands of trees across America. As the company grows, the opportunities will increase to do more on a larger scale, and Harvest will rise to meet those challenges. From where we are standing, the future is bright, and we hope that things continue to grow and flourish for Harvest in 2015.


Below are some designs that we made from the first Women’s Spring / Summer collection, as well as from the Holiday 2014 line.